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Links for 03/22/16


At Commonweal, Tony Annett examines the reception of Centesimus Annus in 1991, and what Cardinal Turkson had to say about that document last week. Only n America, was Pope John Paul II understood essentially as a neo-con Republcan. 

At RNS, Mark Silk beats back the meme that Donald Trump s the candidate of the dispossessed, looking at exit polls that show the breadth of his support across demographics. 

Obama's Trip to Cuba


The headline at Politico was not reassuring: “Castro and Obama Agree to Disagree on Human Rights, Freedom.” The article detailed the divergent views of the two leaders that become manifest at a joint press conference during President Barack Obama’s visit to the island nation the past couple of days, but also noted that the president made clear he was not seeking to impose U.S. norms on the island nation.

The GOP: A "Vehicle" for RC Concerns or a Moral Disgrace?


I have said in these pages repeatedly that although Donald Trump poses a unique problem for American democracy, the real problem lies in the voters (and their circumstances) that support him. He has tapped an anger that was already there, and instead of channeling that anger towards an improved commonwealth by invoking the better angels of our natures, he encourages that anger to descend into a deep and abiding resentment that will not be washed out of the culture anytime soon.

Links for 03/18/16


Attention all DC area NCR fans: On March 30, Georgetown University's Initiative on Catholic Social Thought in Public Life will be hosting a discussion on "Faith, Francis & the 2016 Election." Yours truly will be one of the panelists. You can find out more information and register to attend by clicking here

Judge Garland's Nomination


Judge Merrick Garland should be confirmed as a justice of the Supreme Court. But, in this bizarre election year, with the angry base of the GOP hijacking the entire party, it is doubtful that Senate Republicans will further risk the wrath of their base and they have pledged not to even hold a hearing on the nomination, still less a vote.


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