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Pope’s quotes: Go beyond the ordinary

 |  The Francis Chronicles

A quote from Pope Francis:

“Many and various are the challenges that you undergraduates are called to face with inner strength and evangelical daring. Strength and daring. The socio-cultural context in which you live is at times weighted down by mediocrity and boredom. We must not resign ourselves to the monotony of daily life; rather we must cultivate projects of a winder breadth and go beyond the ordinary; do not let yourselves be robbed of your youthful enthusiasm! It would be a mistake to allow yourselves to be fettered by weak ways of thinking and by uniform ways of thinking by the kind of thought that banalizes everything, or by a globalizations understood as mere uniformity. to overcome these risks, the model to choose is not the sphere. The model to follow in true globalization — which is good — is not that of the sphere in which every edge is smoothed over and al differences disappear; but rather that of the polyhedron, which presents a multiplicity of facets and respects unity in variety. In defending unity, we also defend diversity. A unity contrary to this would not be human.”

-- Celebration of Vespers with the university students of the Roman Atheneums, Vatican Basilica, Nov. 30, 2013

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