Marching to A Silent Tune: A Journey from We Shall to Hell No by Gerald R. Gioglio

Marching to a Silent Tune is a Catholic childhood to young adult look at a complicated journey to social consciousness, civil liberties, war resistance and peace activism within the social and military environment of the turbulent 1960s. This insightful book is relevant to all civilians and members of armed forces grappling with the very real questions of personal morality when it comes to making war... and building peace.

Kirkus Reviews calls it, “edifying…frank, enlightening…idiosyncratic.”

The Fall 2022 VVAW Veteran newspaper calls it, “Simply terrific” and “a building block in the foundation of the history of the Vietnam-era peace movement."

This powerful memoir is available at $19.95 from ACTA Publications ( and from other booksellers, including

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