Activists: Vatican is 'meddling' in Italy's LGBT rights law

The Vatican has formally opposed a proposed Italian law expanding anti-discrimination protections to the LGBT community, a leading Italian newspaper reported Tuesday. Activists immediately denounced the move as "unprecedented" Vatican meddling in Italy's legislative process.

Court: If bias rules have exceptions, faith groups qualify

Justice Samuel Alito called it a "wisp" of a decision — a Supreme Court ruling June 17 that favored Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia but was far from the constitutional gale wind that would have reshaped how courts interpret religious liberty under the First Amendment.

An architect of European unity moves ahead on sainthood path

Robert Schuman, a French statesman who paved the way for the bloc that eventually evolved into European Union, has moved ahead on the Catholic Church's path toward possible sainthood.

Pope tells Myanmar coup leaders: Respect churches as neutral places for shelter

Pope Francis on June 20 decried the suffering of refugees in Myanmar and pleaded that houses of worship be respected as neutral places to take shelter.