Viganò, Vatican critic, blames 'deep state' for Ukraine war, citing COVID-19 measures

Former Vatican envoy and outspoken papal critic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released a letter on March 7 blaming "deep state" forces in the United States, the European Union and NATO for triggering the current war and demonizing Russia.

Vatican on rapper's mock baptism: 'They don't make provocateurs like they used to'

While borrowing Catholic tropes to take whacks at the church is "nothing new," he noted, others have done it better.

Pope Francis attacked cancel culture. It sounds better than 'ideological colonization.'

 Pope Francis "hit out at 'cancel culture,'" as one headline put it. But the pontiff wasn't complaining about how the twitterverse had banished Ellen DeGeneres or urged a boycott of Dr. Seuss.

The Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life takes on vaccine skeptics on social media

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life defended the COVID-19 vaccine and called out those who spread “malinformation” to discredit the vaccine as peddling “pure nonsense.”