Strains increase between Venezuelan church leaders, president

The strenuous relationship between the Venezuelan regime and local church leaders deteriorated further in January, with President Nicolas Maduro calling two bishops "devils in a cassock."

Amid Venezuelan food shortage, sisters strive to save children

Hundreds of Venezuelan children have died amid the country's food and medicine shortages. Two sisters and Catholic organizations are saving those they can reach, but a majority remain in need.

Keeping Venezuelan students fed, and in school, during country's crisis

Venezuela's economic crisis has impacted the young students of Santo Angel School. Sr. Blanca Griselis, the school's social worker, took action to provide kids breakfast and keep them coming to class.

Cardinal says Venezuela must take blame for 10 election-related deaths

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino said the nation's government must take the blame for at least 10 deaths related to a controversial election.

"This is the responsibility of the president of the republic, the high command, and the ministers," Urosa told the Caracas newspaper El Nacional July 31. "They will have to explain this to God" and the courts.

Some Venezuelans went to the polls July 30 to elect members of a Constituent Assembly, a 545-member body charged with drafting a new constitution for the country.