David Poulson is the senior associate director of Michigan State University's Knight Center for Environmental journalism. He teaches environmental, investigative, public affairs and data analysis reporting, and organizes workshops in the U.S. and abroad to help journalists better report on the environment. He also teaches workshops and produces videos to help scientists and other researchers in the U.S. and internationally to better explain their research. He is the founder and editor of Great Lakes Echo, a non-profit award-winning environmental news service, and of The Food Fix, a media outlet that produces multi-media reports on food systems innovation in developing nations. He is a member of the EarthBeat advisory panel.

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On the train to Omaha: Why individual action on climate change matters

Commentary: When we base purchasing decisions on a response to a planetary crisis, we hope that if enough of us do the same, we may stave it off. It's a reasonable assumption. Is it enough?