Denise Simeone is the former editor of Celebration. She was involved in parish and diocesan work for over 30 years and has taught homiletics to diaconal and lay preachers.

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Doctrinal preaching

Daily Easter Reflections: Because the Trinity, the Incarnation and Redemption lie at the doctrinal core of our faith, they warrant exploration by preachers.


Many gifts, one Spirit

Daily Easter Reflections: Boldly they proclaimed the mighty acts of God. They urged repentance and the forgiveness of sins. They promised the gifts of the Spirit. They preached despite persecutions. They prayed and broke bread. 


As we enter Lent, it is time to scrutinize our lives

Daily Lenten Reflections: Lent is the season where we wrestle with the times that we need repentance and reconciliation.