Gerhard Gruber letter dated April 8, 2010

Dr Gerhard Gruber
Retired Cathedral Dean

Apr 8 2010

Statement about the events in the archdiocese of Munich and Freising in connection with the acceptance of a pedophile priest 30 years ago

Dear Brothers,

On March 12, the press office of our archdiocese released a statement on the above issue. It also contains my own statement, quoted verbatim.

The manner in which events were presented, above all the public accusation in another context that I “acted on my own authority” have given some of you the impression that I was not fairly treated.

I myself felt great resentment which I communicated to some of you. FM Walter Romahn and FM Klaus Wyrwoll wanted to confront that in their circulars of March 30 which you have received via email.

It sprang from a most sincere intention to support me, but had by no means been arranged with me.

I learned of the circular from one of the recipients.

Unfortunately the circular contains not only several inaccuracies but also some grave misrepresentations which may be due to the fact that Walter Romahn deeply misunderstood some things in our telephone conversation.