Q & A with Sr. Marie-Paul Ross, providing an education on sexuality

Global Sisters Report: Sr. Marie-Paul Ross of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception was called "the nun from Canada who is speaking clearly and openly about sexuality."

Using solar energy in sub-Saharan Africa: If only progress moved faster

After a recent personal experience in Tanzania and Malawi of electrical blackouts, cold showers, limited or no internet, cooking with charcoal, and the sight of mountains stripped of trees, I was reminded of a project I started in November 2016 to research how sisters in sub-Saharan Africa use solar energy.

I was motivated to continue it when sisters at the Association of Consecrated Women of East and Central Africa, or ACWECA, gathering in late August in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, questioned me about what I had found.

Good Shepherd Sisters empower women to escape Thailand's sex tourism trade

Global Sisters Report: Every day, 250 women come to the Fountain of Life Women's Center in Pattaya to gain skills they hope will give them an alternative to prostitution.

Sisters launch 'Play for Life' in advance of major sports events in Brazil

Global Sisters Report: The month-long FIFA World Cup soccer championship is right around the corner. Sisters have joined protests, concerned about poverty that encourages trafficking of workers and sexual exploitation during these world sports events.