Conservatives say relaxing mandatory health benefits will tame premiums

Health Care Costs. House Republicans' plan to pull 10 specific categories of “essential health benefits” from federal requirements would have little affect on premium costs, experts say.

Where there's willingness, there's a way for Congress and Trump to fix health law

Affordable Care Act: Health policy analysts say that some of the health law’s marketplace problems could be improved with a bipartisan spirit.

How the GOP health bill would reverse course from the ACA

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At party retreat, GOP still searching for health law consensus

Republicans from the House, Senate and White House gathered in Philadelphia this week searching, among other things, for some agreement on how exactly to “repeal and replace” the federal health law. By the end of the second day of the three-day retreat, however, it was clear they were not yet singing from the same hymnbook.

House and Senate Republican leaders did seem to settle on a timing strategy for overhauling the Democrats’ health care law that could take them through the summer, even if they were light on specifics.