Conservatives say health care system 'is working'

WASHINGTON -- Conservative Christian groups on Wednesday (Aug. 26) ramped up opposition to health care reform, saying the current system "has problems" but "it is working."

Jews warn Catholic bishops on interfaith talks

WASHINGTON -- Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewish leaders warned the nation's Catholic bishops that a June statement on whether Jews should convert to Christianity could make Jewish-Catholic dialogue "untenable."

In June, the bishops resurrected a 2002 statement on Jewish-Christian relations that they called "insufficiently precise and potentially misleading" about whether Christians should share the gospel with Jews.

The 2002 statement had said targeting Jews for conversion was "no longer theologically acceptable" because Jews "already dwell in a saving covenant with God." This summer, however, the bishops said that document had "raised many questions" among U.S. Catholics.

In an attempt to clarify their own position, the bishops said the church is "always giving witness to the following of Christ, to which all are implicitly invited." The bishops also said the "fulfillment of the covenant" God established with Israel "is found only in Jesus Christ."