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Chief prosecutor defends Vatican's legal system after recent criticism of pope's absolute power

Vatican chief of staff testifies in UK finance trial, admits to false invoice and blames a deputy

Mosaics by an artist accused of abusing women will stay on the Lourdes shrine, for now

The Vatican stands trial in London as a British financier seeks to clear his name in a property deal

Defendant in Vatican trial takes case to UN, accuses pope of violating his rights with surveillance

Pope apologizes after being quoted using vulgar term about gay men in talk about ban on gay priests

Retired judge finds no reliable evidence against Quebec cardinal; purported victim declines to talk

Vatican makes fresh overture to China, reaffirms that Catholic Church is no threat to sovereignty

Vatican and Rome begin dash to 2025 Jubilee with papal bull, construction

Vatican Museums staff challenge the pope with a legal bid for better terms and treatment

Pope visits Venice to speak to the artists and inmates behind the Biennale's must-see prison show

Brazil's Yanomami leader asks the Pope to support President Lula in reversing damage to the Amazon

Peru archbishop who sued 2 journalists over reports on abuses, financial corruption resigns early

Vatican to publish document on gender, surrogacy and human dignity next week

Pope, looking strong, issues lengthy marching orders to priests during Holy Thursday Mass

Pope Francis skips Palm Sunday homily at start of busy Holy Week that will test his health

Belgian bishop defrocked 14 years after admitting to abusing nephew

The first outside legal analyses of Vatican's 'trial of the century' are in, and they're critical

Pope acknowledges criticism, health issues but says in upcoming memoir he has no plans to retire

Vatican diplomats seek to defuse outrage over Pope Francis' Ukraine 'white flag' comments