Lessons and memories from the Web of Life

During this eco-spirituality retreat, I began to see the many ways in which evolutionary science has not only been embraced and celebrated by people of faith, but also held up as divine revelation.

Web of Life and beginning to see: birds, tree sloths and the community of life

Global Sisters Report: The day was one of transition. Two presenters shared reflections about the future for Matusagaratí and its meaning as a microcosm of the larger picture. 

Spirituality, ecology and science weave together to form Web of Life

Global Sisters Report: Sisters have staked a claim to protect a bit of Panama's lush biodiversity — and are working to rekindle a spiritual connection to the planetary ties that bind us all.

A journey marked by pain: Maryknoll Sr. Melinda Roper celebrates life in Central America

Global Sisters Report: From her mission deep in Panama's rainforest, Sr. Melinda Roper embraces a human rights focus much broader than the one that thrust her into the international spotlight nearly four decades ago.