At the 2012 Catholic Media Conference, the National Catholic Reporter won the Catholic Press Association's award for general excellence for the 13th consecutive year, in addition to several other awards and honorable mentions. Browse our award-winning articles and features below. Not an NCR subscriber? Become one today to get all the content that isn't always available online.

General Excellence - National Newspaper
First Place: National Catholic Reporter
CPA: Outstanding news selection presented in a creative design, The Reporter continues to be a leader in news reporting. The content reflects the fresh reporting approach and strong skills of reporters like Zoe Ryan and Jerry Filteau. Thoughtful news analysis brings the reader additional perspectives of experts. The special report from research on the Millenials was the kind of extra content which makes this an outstanding paper.

Best Investigative News Writing
First Place: Coverage of Sr. Elizabeth Johnson by Thomas C. Fox and Joshua J. McElwee

CPA: A thorough, disciplined job on a complicated but central topic. Accountability angles were stressed throughout the reporting, with unflinching writing that described where decisions went awry.
Best Investigative News Writing
Second Place: Coverage of Bishop Robert Finn by Joshua J. McElwee

CPA: A close second. Very detailed account of a difficult story. Went beyond the surface in a measured, balanced manner.
Best Analysis/Background/Round-Up News Writing: The Gerard E. Sherry Award
First Place: Coverage of St. Joseph's Hospital by Jerry Filteau, Joshua J. McElwee, Tom Roberts, John L. Allen Jr., Dan Morris-Young and Zoe Ryan.

CPA: Very thorough job on a hot-button topic. The writing took a measured, clear approach to laying out the key issues. Fine work.

Best Editorial
First Place: "Theologians, bishops called to dialogue, trust"

CPA: This is a great editorial/dissertation. The writing is elegant and engaging. The topic, though maybe appearing esoteric at first, is fresh and relevant. The ideas are big, but expressed simply. The call for reconciliation between theologians and bishops is persuasive.
Best Editorial
Third Place: "Timely note reflects Catholic vision"

CPA: This editorial is exceptionally lucid and has a neat wry tone when talking about critics of the Vatican's call for reforming the global financial system. The editorial is an effective rebuttal to those critics.
Best Editorial Section
First Place: Opinion & Arts section

CPA: NCR covers it all with strong writing and a pleasing graphics presentation. The articles challenge one's thinking and the opinion pieces reflect a broad spectrum of thought. Editorials bring moral considerations to the issues of the day. Reflections on the scripture readings are particularly strong, and the book reviews are compelling.

Best Feature Writing
Honorable Mention: "A safer world: Working toward a new peace culture" by Joshua J. McElwee
Best Feature Writing
Honorable Mention: "New faces of consecrated life in Latin America" by Barbara Fraser
Best Personality Profile
Second Place: "A prophetic, transforming priest" by Joshua J. McElwee

CPA: This article tells a complete and sometimes uncomfortable story of a man who lives in extremes: first as a self-righteous defendant of the status quo and then as a radical willing to serve jail time for his civil disobedience. The author uses good detail.

Best Regular Column - Spiritual Life
First Place: Melissa Musick Nussbaum

CPA: These are top-notch well-written columns that teach, reflect and offer a loving critique. Nussbaum's sacramental awareness and sensitivity is evidenced in the captivating stories and well-crafted questions she pens.
Best Regular Column - Scripture
Third Place: Patricia Datchuck Sánchez

CPA: Datchuck Sánchez writes theologically sound reflections on the weekly scriptures in rich prose full of explanation and context.
Best Regular Column - General Commentary
First Place: Heidi Schlumpf

CPA: Beautifully written stories with clearly expressed moral lessons. Schlumpf finds in her everyday experiences lessons of faith.

Best Regular Column - Culture, the Arts and Leisure
First Place: Sr. Rose Pacatte

CPA: The author of these columns knows how to tell a story, create colorful word pictures, and invite readers into considering how art as a reflection of life can teach about the most profound spiritual realities gracing our world.
Best Use of Art or Graphic
Second Place: "Lasallian cross-country journey" by Toni-Ann Ortiz and Joshua J. McElwee

CPA: This graphic helps the reader to join the riders on their cross-country journey and have an idea of what each day will be like. The background wheel graphic in the piece is quite nice and adds tremendously to the graphic.
Best Coverage of Immigration
First Place: "Staking their lives" by Barbara Fraser and "Economists project remittance increase" by Alice Popovici

CPA: The National Catholic Reporter puts a face on the immigration crisis with articles and photos. This section should be put in every pew in every church.

Best Online Blog - Individual
First Place: Distinctly Catholic by Michael Sean Winters

CPA: Impressive research. Seeks wide ranging topics and engages in meaningful and thought provoking commentary. Very lively. Demonstrates consideration for a broad range of opinions. Accomplished blogging!
Best Online Blog - Individual
Second Place: Just Catholic by Phyllis Zagano

CPA: Thoughtful and thought provoking. Powerful voice for woman's perspective.
Best Online Blog - Individual
Honorable Mention: All Things Catholic by John L. Allen Jr.