Praying for success of the synod

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Just got this note from Jim FitzGerald, executive director of the Catholic reform group Call to Action, and thought I should pass it on:

“As the 2015 Synod on the Family commences in Rome, I want to ensure you receive Call To Action's inclusive family prayer. Developed in collaboration with members of Catholic Organizations for Renewal, the prayer lifts up and celebrates all loving families in our church. Please join me in praying with all Catholic families as the Synod progresses over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Holding all Catholic families in my prayers,

Jim FitzGerald

Following is the prayer Jim sent along.


Remembering the Holy Family as our model,
let us recall their marginalization.

Like so many, the Holy family, too
encountered ridicule for being different.

In remembering the, help us to lift up and celebrate all loving families.
May we be generous in spirit, compassion, forgiveness and love.

In celebration of all the diverse forms of love that embody family life
today, let us pray in gratitude

We pray, God, with our siblings in faith for all families …

For LGBT families.
Families of various abilities.
Interracial families.
Families of multiple faiths.
Single parent families.
Families of religious communities.
Blended and adoptive families.
Traditional families.
Multicultural families.

For these and all the communities of love in your worldwide church,
Let us pray for greater increase in love amongst our global community.

For all the ways we are family to each other, we pray.


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