Introducing eNCR: the electronic edition of National Catholic Reporter

eNCR-ad3.jpgWe are excited to announce eNCR, an electronic version of the biweekly newspaper.

Access is included with a print subscription, OR subscribe to eNCR only (no mailed copy is sent).

Readers can take advantage of convenient features, such as:

  • Instant access: Read the latest edition before your print newspaper arrives in the mail.
  • Ability to share: Share your favorite articles by email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Interactive features: Change font size, translate into other languages, read aloud, and more!
  • Searchable archive: Browse and instantly search the 14 most-recent issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I read eNCR on a tablet or smartphone?
A: eNCR has a responsive design that automatically adjusts to smaller screen sizes. To preview how eNCR will look on your device, check out our free demo. (Due to the variety of sizes of smartphones, eNCR may not work on smaller or older models.)

Q: How many back issues can I read?
A: eNCR keeps the most recent 14 issues. To see recent editions, click the calendar icon at top left. back-issue.jpg Enter a search term in the search field to search a particular issue, advertisement or search across multiple back issues. To permanently save an issue, click the download button in the main toolbar. download.jpg

Q: I have multiple devices. Do I need a subscription for my desktop computer and for my tablet?
A: A subscription to eNCR gives you access across multiple devices.

Q: Can I share an article with a friend who is not a subscriber?
A: Absolutely! You can share a link to any eNCR article and send by email or via Facebook or Twitter. To share: Double click the article. Select the email, Facebook or Twitter icon and complete the steps. share.jpg

Q: What other interactive features are there?
A: Double click any article to read it. You can:
Adjust the font size using these icons: font.jpg
Hear the article read aloud: read-aloud.jpg
Translate the article into another language: translate.jpg