NCR eBook: Best Catholic Spirituality Writing 2013

iPad-mockup_spirit2013.jpgBest Catholic Spirituality Writing 2013

This eBook is a collection of 25 of the best spirituality essays published in the National Catholic Reporter during 2013. Since its founding in 1964, NCR has published many well-known authors of Catholic spiritual writing. From laughter to pain; dance and parenting to pets and selfies, NCR's Best Catholic Spirituality Writing 2013 takes you through the Catholic liturgical year with reflections from 21 authors.

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Introduction by NCR editor Dennis Coday
1. We hear God with the same ear God hears us (Michael Leach)
2. Beyond this time and this space, God has not abandoned us (Melissa Musick Nussbaum)
3. Cops, cons and grace (Brian Cahill)
4. Merton's letters a call for white atonement (Alex Mikulich)
5. The monastic ways of the 'wise little bee' (Angelo Stagnaro)
6. The truer sacrifices of Lenten fasting (Joseph R. Veneroso)
7. Aging and the paschal mystery (Edward Hays)
8. The mystery of the rolled-away stone (Joseph R. Veneroso)
9. Connection: a more environmental way (Donna Schaper)
10. No matter what Wills says, believers need priests (Brian Cahill)
11. The hands we hold are gifts (Ginny Kubitz Moyer)
12. Finding the mirth in the human condition— as Jesus did (Michael Leach)
13. Dancers connect to faith in movement (Eloísa Pérez-Lozano)
14. Praying the news to avert despair (Heidi Schlumpf)
15. A foretaste of heaven in the love of a dog (Michael Sean Winters)
16. The journey from margin to center (Diane Pendola)
17. Questioning together: Young adults celebrate teaching liturgy on retreat (Loretta E. Johnson)
18. Becoming the person God wants us to be (Jeannine Gramick)
19. God is generous in blessing us with replacement parts (Patty McCarty)
20. @Pontifex and the #SabbathSelfies (John McCarthy)
21. Paying attention during the best part of your life (Peg Ekerdt)
22. The eternal pull of Assisi: A visitor takes on St. Francis' quest (Joshua J. McElwee)
23. Vocation is a day-to-day choice (Brian Harper)
24. Facing death and living life more fully (Eileen Reutzel Colianni)
25. The yearly Christmas letter demands a good editor (Melissa Musick Nussbaum)