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1-divest.jpgA call to divest from fossil fuels
Citing Jesuit values and Catholic teaching, students join nationwide push
By Brian Roewe

Sustainability and “going green” have become buzzwords on campuses across the U.S. in the last decade. They signal to students — past, present and future — and the broader community the school’s commitment to environmentally sound decision-making and to molding responsible citizens of the community and the world. Now, some students have asked their schools to take the next step.... PRINT ONLY

2-frack.jpgStudents protest land lease to oil company
By Sharon Abercrombie

A small but vocal group of environmentally conscious students at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio have taken their school to task for leasing 223 acres of its property to a Texas oil and natural gas company for mineral exploration and possible hydraulic fracturing. Students for a Fair Society went public with its objections July 14 (the vigil of the feast of St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan) after making numerous unsuccessful attempts to dialogue with school officials during the past two years, said senior Joseph Antoniello, the group’s current president. ... PRINT ONLY

3-words.jpgWords that beckon from the paralysis of analysis
Scholars explore the work of Catholic social teaching’s poet prophet
By Elizabeth McAlister

In Faith, Resistance, and the Future, 15 scholars address Jesuit Fr. Daniel Berrigan’s more than 50 years of teaching and his ability — without parallel — to combine biblical scholarship, theology, devotion to his students, and direct action. At least six of the writers I recognized know Berrigan personally. It was a joy to connect in this form with such friends as Michael Baxter, currently a visiting associate professor at DePaul University; Robert Ludwig from Loyola University Chicago; and Gail M. Presbey from the University of Detroit Mercy. ... PRINT ONLY

map3.jpgPutting higher education on the map   SPECIAL REPRINT! Buy this map as a poster! Learn more

Beginning with the founding of Georgetown University in 1789, Catholic colleges and universities spread across the United States in the 224 years that have followed. From student populations in the dozens up to the thousands; whether founded by dioceses, religious orders or independently; from the 18th century to the first decade of the 21st — Catholic degree-granting institutions have a nationwide reach. ... PRINT ONLY

5-georgian.jpgMen make their entrance at Georgian Court
By Patricia Lefevere

LAKEWOOD, N.J. . In late August, some 70 men moved into the dorms at Georgian Court University. They moved their gear into residents’ halls; sauntered into classrooms, the Wellness Center and onto the soccer field; then quickly located the cafeteria and library. Not remarkable for the opening of a new school year. But after 105 years as a women-only college and later university, the arrival of this year’s 168 full-time male students was traditiontoppling. ... PRINT ONLY

6-sex.jpgStudents, the hookup culture and the wasted life
Reviewed by Diane Scharper

Colleges aim to teach students to think critically and to become lifelong learners. Yet they often turn a blind eye to hookup culture even though it goes against the raison d’être of a college education. That’s the bottom line of Donna Freitas’ disturbing new book, The End of Sex. Freitas provides an overview of hookup culture and the boozy sex it entails. ... PRINT ONLY

Crossing borders of love and reconciliation
College’s institute brings disciplines together to foster forgiveness
By Colleen Dunne

While in Rwanda in 2006, St. Joseph Sr. Cathy Nerney met a group of women who had survived that nation’s genocide and whose sole mission was to promote mercy. From that experience was born the Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. ... PRINT ONLY