Dr. Pax Nidorf

Founder of DignityUSA - a pioneer and trailblazer

Pax Nidorf was born Pinchus Patrick Nidorf in the spring of 25 Mar 1932 in Phoenix, AZ to Louis Xavier Nidorf and Marie Hattie Nidorf. He spent the first 20 years of his life studying art and other educational pursuits. The second 20 years were spent in intensive training in the Augustinian monastic order, and he was ordained as a Catholic priest on May 31, 1960 by Bishop Francis Buddy in San Diego, CA. During these years, he continued his art work and started Dignity, a ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics.

Pax retired from the priesthood in 1973, married Dacia StJohn and began his private practice as a psychotherapist. Throughout his life, Pax always had many ongoing creative projects. He was a productive artist as an adult and had many one-man shows throughout the West. He had a large following in Southern California with a waiting list for his commissioned works.

Pax Nidorf was an accomplished painter, illustrator, potter, and craftsman. Added to these gifts, he also wrote several in-depth books on various topics. His intense psychic and spiritual insights are revealed in their pages. One such book is "Beyond Dreaming - Tools for Psychic Development."

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