Alice Camille is a religious educator and author of Listening to God's Word and Invitation to Catholicism. She has won awards from the Catholic Press Association, the Associated Church Press and the interfaith Religion Communicators Council. Camille received her Master of Divinity degree from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley. She is the regular "Testaments" columnist for U.S. Catholic. For more on her work, go to her website.

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My 90-year-old mother falls, caught in the eye of apocalypse

Soul Seeing: My mother reads the prophet Joel after dark. She's had a bad fall and worse scare. Joel suddenly makes sense. Her kingdom is collapsing; her children at the gates.

It ain't your baby

Soul Seeing: I was standing in a shabby, windowless office, trying to convince Lucia to give up her baby. What right did I have to do this? What was I doing here?

I was blind, then I saw

I saw him from a block away. He perched precariously in a motorized chair, his body slight like a child’s, hardly weighing 50 pounds in his maturity. I counted three serpentine bends in the arm that reached out to guide his odyssey, and my heart sank at the writhing distress that was this man’s whole existence. His limbs twisted like a contortionist’s. Even his face was beyond his control, gripped by grimaces many times a minute.