Orthodox patriarch hospitalized at start of 12-day US visit

The spiritual leader of the world’s 200 million Eastern Orthodox Christians was hospitalized Sunday in Washington on the first full day of a planned 12-day U.S. visit.

Retired Pope Benedict pens letter about his own death

Retired Pope Benedict XVI has said he hopes to soon join a beloved professor friend in “the afterlife,” in a sign that the 94-year-old pontiff is not only accepting his eventual death but welcoming it.

Italy high court nixes arrest warrant for Vatican suspect

Italy's highest court has annulled an arrest warrant for a key suspect in the Vatican’s fraud and extortion trial, his lawyers said Wednesday, putting into question whether and when he might be extradited from Britain.

Europe court rejects case seeking to blame Vatican for abuse

A European court agreed Tuesday that the Vatican couldn't be sued in a local court for sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests.