Former New Orleans deacon, 85, dies awaiting rape trial

A former Roman Catholic deacon awaiting trial on rape charges in New Orleans has died, his defense attorney said June 30.

Polish group seeks pope's action against sex abuse, cover-up

The Vatican says Pope Francis has been informed about an appeal launched by a group of Catholics in Poland urging intervention into cases where bishops have continued to cover up for priests who sexually molest children.

Pope moves against Polish bishop accused of hiding predators

Pope Francis has ordered a Polish bishop to leave his central diocese and let someone else run it while he is under investigation for covering up cases of sexual abuse that were featured in a second clergy abuse documentary that has rocked Poland's Catholic Church.

Marianists release names of members they say abused children

The Marianists religious order on June 24 released the names of 46 living and dead religious leaders who they claim sexually abused minors, the latest of several Catholic organizations to complete an investigation and publicly name the accused.