Lag in slavery reparations from US Jesuits irks descendants

Joseph Stewart, in a publicly released letter to the head of the order, contends the Jesuits have failed to uphold their side of the partnership with the urgency the circumstances demand. 

Fire at Cairo Coptic church kills 41, including 15 children

A fire ripped through a packed Coptic Orthodox church during morning services in Egypt's capital on Aug. 14, quickly filling it with thick black smoke and killing 41 worshippers, including at least 15 children.

Nicaraguans celebrate Mass peacefully after procession ban

Hundreds of Nicaraguans attended a Mass under a heavy police presence Aug. 13 after the government prohibited a religious procession in the capital amid tensions with the Roman Catholic Church.

Creighton students' COVID vaccine mandate appeal dismissed

The Nebraska Supreme Court on Aug. 12 dismissed an appeal by a handful of Creighton University students who sought to be exempt from the private Catholic school's COVID-19 vaccine mandate last year, arguing that getting the shots would violate their religious beliefs against abortion.