Veteran of pro-life movement sees 'mood change'

WASHINGTON -- Joseph Scheidler, regarded by many as the "godfather of the pro-life movement," sees the mood shifting in the United States on the abortion issue and predicts pro-lifers eventually "will prevail."

"There is a mood change in the country," he said. "A lot of our legislators are actually getting backbone and they are beginning to stand up for the rights for the unborn."

The president and founder of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Scheidler made the comments in a recent telephone interview with Catholic News Service.

In Chicago in early April, more than 400 people paid tribute to him at an evening banquet organized by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

Scheidler, along with his wife, Ann, and their son, Eric, listened to several speakers tell stories, share humorous anecdotes and offer words of praise for his decades of pro-life activism.