Winds of change bring a 'paradigm shift'; now faithful must speak up

NCR 1996: Theologian Bernard Cooke reacts to the mass excommunication of Catholics in Lincoln, Nebr., by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz.

The future of Catholic sacramental life

NCR 1995: Theologian Bernard Cooke examines the questions: What is the state of Catholic sacramental life and what is its future? Are we abandoning the emphasis on ritual that has been distinctive of the Catholic tradition?

God-with-us calls for new type of papacy

NCR 1995: Theologian Bernard Cooke suggests that carefully considered change in Christianity's concept of the papacy holds the power to bring the church and humankind closer to realizing the reign of God.

Papal pomp contrasts with simplicity of Jesus

NCR 1995: Theologian Bernard Cooke considers the person and message of Jesus, and his attitude toward power, and discusses the historical role of bishops in relation to the pope.