Book about villagers' need for clean water spurs student action

After reading Linda Sue Park's novel, A Long Walk to Water, and learning that clean and accessible water is a luxury to many residents of South Sudan, the seventh graders in Tess Veazey's honors reading class at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Slidell sprang into action and raised $400 for a nonprofit that drills water wells in that African country.

African-born clergy, religious ministering in U.S. gather in New Orleans

African-born clergy and religious serving in the United States already are a step ahead of their American counterparts when it comes to serving those living in the margins.


Katrina odyssey brought many blessings for New Orleans priest

Fr. Dennis Hayes decided to take his chances and stay put as Hurricane Katrina teased the Louisiana coast, hoping the storm's Category 5 fury would spare his parish.

Students pray for safety of Pope Francis more than 1 million times

The prayerful protection of Mary has been showered upon Pope Francis 1 million times over, thanks to students and their friends at St. Charles Borromeo School in the New Orleans archdiocese.

On Holy Thursday, April 2, just before the start of the school's monthly rosary, religion teacher Lisa Benoit, accompanied by seven students bearing numbered placards, made a joyful announcement: The school's 2014-2015 goal of praying 1 million Hail Marys for the safety of Pope Francis had not only been met, but exceeded.

The count: an incredible 1,031,840 Hail Marys.