Brenna Davis is the Director of Education for Justice and Environmental Initiatives at the Ignatian Solidarity Network. Originally from Tennessee, Brenna graduated from Boston College in 2010 with a B.A. in theology and Spanish. After graduation, she moved to Cleveland as a Jesuit Volunteer. At the end of her JV year, Brenna began working at Saint Martin de Porres, Cleveland’s Cristo Rey High School, as a theology teacher and cross country coach. She is a certified spiritual director, Cuyahoga County Master Recycler, and is a member of NCR’s EarthBeat Advisory Panel. 

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Everything happened in the garden

Lenten Daily Food Reflection: What is the state of the "garden in your life," and what is waiting for you in the garden this Easter? Reading time: 2 minutes.

Compost: Lessons in Life, Death and Resurrection

Lenten Daily Food Reflection: We pray for the grace to see signs of the resurrection each day in food and nature, especially during this Easter season. Reading time: 1 minute, 5 seconds.

I Thirst

Lenten Daily Food Reflection: At each meal today as we fast from meat, bring to mind the people most vulnerable to climate change and pray for them as you eat your food. Reading time: 45 seconds.

The Last Supper and Thanksgiving

Lenten Daily Food Reflection: Pray in thanksgiving before AND after meals today. Reading time: 1 minute.