Brian Roewe is NCR environment correspondent. Much of his reporting appears at EarthBeat, NCR's new journalism initiative on faith and climate change. He has covered environmental issues for NCR since 2011. His reporting has earned multiple honors, most recently at the 2020 Religion News Association awards. Brian began with NCR in November 2011, and is a graduate of Saint Louis University and Rockhurst University.

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Scotland's Catholic Church leads faith-based fossil fuel divestment ahead of COP26

Scotland's Catholic bishops' conference and dioceses are among 72 faith institutions on six continents that announced their fossil-free commitments Oct. 26, days before the U.N. climate conference begins in Glasgow.

EarthBeat Weekly: Ahead of COP26, checking the temperature on public opinions about climate change

EarthBeat Weekly: Global public opinion is skeptical that when leaders gather in Glasgow they'll do anything to seriously address the major challenge of climate change.

Catholic groups outline priorities ahead of Glasgow COP26 climate change summit

Catholic development agencies, religious congregations and the Vatican say the climate change summit known as COP26 is crucial to the international effort to limit the planet's rising temperatures. The conference in Glasgow, Scotland will urge nearly 200 countries to commit to substantial, short-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

5 reasons why Catholics should care about the COP26 climate summit

COP26, the U.N. climate change summit, is set to begin in 17 days. According to Catholics who will be at the conference, there are many reasons why people of faith should pay attention to the proceedings.