Additions to the family

NCR Today: Three people are joining the NCR Board of Directors, joining people from all over the country who are committed to and passionate about NCR's work, past, present and future.

You still have time: Let's move that bar!

Webathon 2017. Time is passing quickly, but you still can support NCR’s mission by donating today. Help us move the bar. 

Eighth annual NCR webathon opens today

Webathon 2017. Once a year we ask our online readers for support. We hope 2,000 of you take the challenge this week. 


Watching my daughter grow — in her own time

Mother's Day: "Watching her work with her struggles, occasionally succumbing to them, but mostly pushing through them, has taught me so much," writes Caitlin Hendel, NCR publisher, about her daughter.