Families in Mexico search for silver lining amid COVID-19 pandemic

Perspective: Getting out of the house to open spaces with our kids was paramount. I have seen fathers taking their children on bike rides; mothers kicking soccer balls in parks. Everyone is trying to do their best.


Despite threats, Frida Guerrera raises women's lost voices in Mexico

In Mexico, violence against women has been spiraling out of control. NCR interviews the activist who has been independently investigating and chronicling the stories of victims of femicide since 2016.


Activists killed in Mexican state where illegal logging threatens butterflies

Commentary: Raúl Hernández and Homero Gómez, who were killed within a week of each other, advocated for the survival of monarch butterflies and the woods they migrate to every year in Michoacán state.


In bone-chilling numbers, femicides in Mexico are a national emergency

Commentary: On average, 10 women are murdered every day in Mexico. Says one human rights activist, "We live in a society where a social acceptance of violence against women is normalized."