'Joy comes in the morning'

Daily Easter Reflections: Thanks to the Vatican II reforms, the funeral rite no longer focuses on God's severe judgment. 


Considering death and resurrection

Daily Lenten Reflections: It was an early November Sunday and the readings focused on the end time. The weather was unseasonably warm and the hillsides of southern Ohio blazed with autumn color in the bright sunshine. 


Lent is a good time to tackle the challenge of forgiveness

Daily Lenten Reflections: Memories are treasures in our later years. We often sit and sort through them, like the nursery-rhyme King of Hearts in his counting house. Some of them bring a tear or two to our eyes as we reach back for something or someone who is now beyond our grasp. 

10 things the church should know about seniors

Senior Life

1) We are the precious asset that never shows on the financial report. Like any treasure, we should be tended well and invested wisely -- and we will yield a valuable return. After all, we shaped the community into what it is today. We articulated the vision of what it should be and developed the programs that serve its members.

2) We are the historians with long memories. We recall a world and a church that have changed radically over the years. We hold a lot of more personal memories to share as well: the people who have touched our lives, the history of the local community and its members who have been gone for many years, what life was like before TV, computers and cell phones. Listen to our stories, and we will learn from them together.