Cecilia González-Andrieu is a professor of theology and theological aesthetics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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John August Swanson lived his faith, worked for a better world through art

Appreciation: Attentiveness and surprised wonder at everything and everyone he encountered were what fed the extraordinary art and faith of John August Swanson, who died Sept. 23 at age 83.


Praying for President Trump's transformation

Commentary: I believe Nancy Pelosi when she asserts that she prays for Donald Trump and that "as a Catholic" she "doesn't hate anybody." Her answer to a reporter's question was exactly what my answer would be.

Book Review

Cuéntame invites relationship in urgent times for US Catholics

Book review: Against today's backdrop of extraordinary political upheaval and heightened racism, Natalia Imperatori-Lee stresses Latino/a tools for engaging this reality.