Archbishop says most bishops see importance of 'Traditionis Custodes'

While the church's prayer should not be a battlefield, Archbishop Roche told Catholic News Service it is understandable that people are passionate about it.


Seeking God together will bring Christians closer to each other, pope says

The pope told the Lutheran, Catholic and Orthodox pilgrims that “we need to press forward with humility and patience, and always together, in order to encourage and support one another, for this is what Christ desires.”


Pope appeals for peace in Kazakhstan, says prayer is not 'magic'

With dozens of people reported dead and thousands detained in Kazakhstan, Pope Francis prayed for the victims and for a return of peace in the former Soviet republic.


Pope encourages business leaders who try to put employees first

Competition, the market system and need to answer to stockholders can and do challenge business owners and leaders who want to put the needs of employees and the common good first, Pope Francis said.