Claire Bangasser has a master's degree in pastoral studies from Loyola Institute of Ministry in New Orleans. She was a gender consultant for a UN agency in a previous existence. She writes for A Seat At the Table and Strolling to Compostelle.

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'Quitting is not love. God doesn't quit'

Soul Seeing: I grew up practicing sarcasm as a form of escape. A sarcastic tone lets me slip back into my shell, like a turtle or a snail.

Angels in the radiation lab

I read an essay in the spirituality journal Sacred Space by a woman who sees God's presence in the oncology ward where she works. It reminded me of the times I spent in a radiation lab after my breast cancer operation. I'll always remember the kindness of the nurses, how gently they treated me. They moved around like angels who had chosen to become human for those of us who needed them.