St. Brigid, Ireland's female patron saint, gets less recognition than St. Patrick

Commentary: The Irish government recently declared a national holiday for St. Brigid. A medieval historian explains her fascinating life and history.


Death row inmates have right to pastor's touch in execution chamber

Perspective: Touch is central to caring for the dying. Human dignity is at stake when the Supreme Court hears death row inmate John Henry Ramirez's plea that his pastor be allowed to lay hands on him as he is executed.

Catholic tradition of care for environment dates back centuries before Pope Francis

Every pope for the past 50 years — except John Paul I, who died after a month in office — has spoken and written about environmental issues.

I’m a climate scientist – here are 3 key things I have learned over a year of COVID-19

For us climate scientists the COVID-19 pandemic has brought some new and unexpected insights. Here are three things we have learned.