Dan Stockman is national correspondent for Global Sisters Report. He was a reporter at daily newspapers in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for nearly two decades before joining GSR in 2014.

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Q & A with Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, who keeps a skull on her desk as a reminder of death

Global Sisters Report: Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble keeps a small ceramic skull on her desk and tweets the thoughts it inspires daily. Despite the morbid connotations, most of Noble's tweets about death aren't really about death at all.

Dick's Sporting Goods' gun policy change followed sister talks

Global Sisters Report: Mercy Investment Services says it met with Dick's Sporting Goods management in January to discuss the retailer's policies and responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Collaborative governance model helps congregations carry on with limited resources

Global Sisters Report: The Collaborative governance model helps congregations in need of financial and leadership assistance. The civil corporations from two congregations create a third corporation, which handles insurance, legal issues, and all other necessary tasks. 

Sr. Louise Akers, remembered for her stand against inequality, dies at age 75

Charity Sr. Louise Akers came to national prominence in 2009, when Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk ordered her to publicly renounce her support for women's ordination.