Franciscan Fr. Daniel P. Horan is the Duns Scotus Chair of Spirituality at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he teaches systematic theology and spirituality. His most recent book is Catholicity and Emerging Personhood: A Contemporary Theological Anthropology, which was recently awarded First Place Theology Book by the Association of Catholic Publishers. Follow him on Twitter: @DanHoranOFM.

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The preferential option for the removal of statues

Faith Seeking Understanding: Whereas over the years many white people might not have even stopped to look at or consider the symbolic significance of these public shrines to racist traitors, many people of color are regularly forced to confront again the grotesque history of a country that denied them of their very humanity. 


The truth about so-called 'gender ideology'

Faith Seeking Understanding: The phrase "gender ideology" is used in both religious and secular contexts, but I am most interested in how it is deployed in Catholic circles to cause grave harm to people already made vulnerable in an unjust society. 


When will the US bishops address the evil of systemic racism head-on?

Faith Seeking Understanding: The urgency of the moment demands honesty; therefore I will be blunt: The 2018 U.S. bishops' "Open Wide Our Hearts" pastoral letter on racism has proven to be a worthless statement.


If COVID-19 frightens you, you should be terrified by climate change

Faith Seeking Understanding: If you don't like the current reality of widespread illness, death, economic collapse and rolling lockdowns, then you should really direct your energies toward combating climate change.