Daniel P. Horan, OFM, is a Franciscan Friar of Holy Name Province, assistant professor of systematic theology and spirituality at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, and author of numerous articles and 12 books, including The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton: A New Look at the Spiritual Inspiration on His Life, Thought, and Writing (Ave Maria Press, 2014) and Reading, Praying, Living Pope Francis’s Rejoice and Be Glad (Liturgical Press, 2019). His next book is Catholicity and Emerging Personhood: A Contemporary Theological Anthropology (Orbis Books) due out fall 2019. He is also co-host of The Francis Effect Podcast

For more information visit DanHoran.com and follow him on Twitter @DanHoranOFM.

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Bishops and priests need more range

As a church, we have generally rewarded specialization in the formation of our ordained ministers and discouraged breadth and range that might allow for a more open and creative pastoral responses. It's no wonder that church leaders struggle in responding boldly to many of today's most pressing social issues.


What's the path to true dialogue about gender in the church?

Faith Seeking Understanding: The dialogue being called for in the recent Vatican document on "gender theory" is a false dialogue, one that makes no provision for the risk of genuine conversation.


Confronting the 'monarchy of fear' with spiritual resistance

Faith Seeking Understanding: In the 2016 U.S. presidential election and what is now shared in common across the Atlantic in a trend toward nationalism is the use and abuse of fear.


Going on pilgrimage, religious or secular, is important

Faith Seeking Understanding: I am writing this column beside the Sea of Galilee at a break during a Holy Land retreat that I am co-leading with Dominican Sr. Laurie Brink, who is a New Testament scholar. During my time here, I have been thinking a lot about pilgrimage and place and of their particularly theological significance.