Franciscan Fr. Daniel P. Horan is the Duns Scotus Chair of Spirituality at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he teaches systematic theology and spirituality. His most recent book is Catholicity and Emerging Personhood: A Contemporary Theological Anthropology, which was recently awarded First Place Theology Book by the Association of Catholic Publishers. Follow him on Twitter: @DanHoranOFM.

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The anonymous Christianity of 'Ted Lasso'

Faith Seeking Understanding: "Ted Lasso" is a funny and heartwarming show. While there is no overt religious element in the show, it may very well be the most unwittingly Christian program on air today.


Let's go back to basics for Lent during this pandemic year

Faith Seeking Understanding: What does it mean to approach the penitential season of Lent in a time of global pandemic in which nearly everybody has experienced involuntary self-denial?


US bishops could learn a lot from St. Óscar Romero

Faith Seeking Understanding: Lately I have been turning to the words of St. Óscar Romero as an oasis of authentic pastoral wisdom in the desert of American ecclesial leadership.


The church teaches that purpose of government is the common good. Period.

Faith Seeking Understanding: The government is not intended to prioritize "individual liberties" over communal flourishing, as so many right-leaning Americans wish, nor is the state intended by the church's teaching to be a hegemonic force for sectarian norms and partisan preferences.


Running while white