Franciscan Fr. Daniel P. Horan is the director of the Center for Spirituality and professor of philosophy, religious studies and theology at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana. His most recent books are A White Catholic's Guide to Racism and Privilege and The Way of the Franciscans: A Prayer Journey Through Lent. Follow him on Twitter: @DanHoranOFM.

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Buffalo makes it clear: Racism and gun violence are a Christian problem

Those who identify as Christians, especially those of us who are white Christians, have a responsibility rooted in the core of our faith tradition to diagnose and respond to the viruses of racism and gun violence.


Perhaps being 'spiritual but not religious' isn't such a bad thing

What if our starting point in thinking about what it means to be a person in communion with God, oneself and the world was not reduced to institutional belonging, but instead began with humans' inherent capacity for God?


Lessons learned from a Lent without Twitter or Facebook

In Lenten practices, I hadn't yet done much in terms of what might be called "digital fasting." And I was unsure what to expect when Ash Wednesday rolled around this year and I logged off the social media apps.


The church needs to name and confront 'clerical fragility'

Fr. Daniel Horan: Just as racism is a white problem, sexual abuse in the church is a clergy problem. White people need to name and confront "white fragility," and we clergy need to name and confront "clerical fragility."