Mexican diocese apologizes for failing to stop abusive priest

A Mexican diocese has apologized and asked for forgiveness for failing to stop a priest from sexually abusing Catholic school children. At the time, the priest had been banned from his priestly duties in a neighboring archdiocese.

Mexican government stops caravan of migrants after critical Trump tweets

A caravan of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico was stopped after its push to the U.S. border set off a barrage of criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Political video filmed in Mexican church causes controversy

A political video filmed in a church scandalized some Catholics but also conveyed a sense that some upper class Mexicans recognize the unsustainability of a country where many live in poverty.

Two Mexican priests killed in ambush

Two priests were gunned down as they returned from Candlemas celebrations in a corner of Mexico rife with drug cartel violence and increasingly lethal for prelates.