Two Mexican priests killed in ambush

Two priests were gunned down as they returned from Candlemas celebrations in a corner of Mexico rife with drug cartel violence and increasingly lethal for prelates.

Jesuits denounce threats against outspoken Honduran priest, activists

The Society of Jesus has denounced threats made against an outspoken Honduran Jesuit who has highlighted accusations of widespread irregularities in the country's recent presidential election.

Mexican security law stokes disquiet among Catholic human rights groups

A new law deepening Mexico's dependence on soldiers for public security purposes has provoked alarm from some clergy and Catholic human rights organizations, who warn that it could provide a pretense for cracking down on peaceful protests.

'Enough with the deaths': Mexican clergy reiterate Chiapas is in crisis

A land dispute has driven some 5,000 indigenous Tzotzil from their communities and into the mountains to survive in cold and squalid conditions. At least nine people have died.