David Agren covers Mexico as a freelance correspondent for Catholic News Service. His reporting also regularly appears in the Guardian, USA Today and the Washington Post. A native of Canada, he has lived in Mexico City for the past 11 years.

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Vatican audit of Buenos Aires finds irregularities, no crimes

 An audit ordered by the Vatican into the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires has revealed irregularities in the sales of church assets, with properties being disposed of controversially. The audit said no crimes were committed.

Haitians head to Mexico-US border; church seeks humanitarian help

A Mexican border diocese has issued an urgent appeal for assistance as hundreds of Haitian migrants arrive in the oft-violent city of Nuevo Laredo, hoping to apply for asylum in the United States.

Vatican official visits Mexico to mark 30 years of diplomatic ties

Speaking in a conference with Mexico's foreign relations secretary, the Vatican secretary of state lauded church-state relations in Mexico as exemplary.

Nicaragua strips funds from Catholic university, ups government control

Nicaragua has approved a law increasing government control over educational institutions and stripping funds from Jesuit-run Central American University, which has been at odds with the government.