New migrant caravan has left Honduras; why do they flee?

Migrants from across Honduras set out from San Pedro Sula for the border with Guatemala early Jan. 15, hoping to reach the U.S. border amid controversies over fortifying the southern frontier with a wall

Catholic migrant advocates have mixed reaction to Tijuana border events

Some Catholic migrant advocates criticized U.S. reaction as excessive while others said they tried warning the caravan participants and a migrant advocacy group accompanying it that times had changed.

Caravan from Central America receives rough reception in Tijuana

The first participants in the caravan of Central Americans arriving in Tijuana, Mexico, were met with hostility as residents of an affluent neighborhood confronted migrants wanting to camp on a beach near the border.

Mexican parishes pitch in to help Central American caravan heading north

Members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in this southern Mexican city rose early Oct. 24 to feed but a fraction of the Central American migrants traveling in a caravan, which is trying to traverse Mexico and reach the United States border.