David Agren covers Mexico as a freelance correspondent for Catholic News Service. His reporting also regularly appears in the Guardian, USA Today and the Washington Post. A native of Canada, he has lived in Mexico City for the past 11 years.

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Facebook removes video commentary by Mexican cardinal

Facebook removed a video commentary from Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez of Guadalajara, saying it spread false information about COVID-19.


'It has been completely disastrous': second hurricane hits Nicaragua

A Nicaraguan priest said Hurricane Iota hit the northeastern corner of the country with "more force" than Hurricane Eta two weeks earlier and left communities devastated and families homeless.

Hurricane Eta deluges Central America, Mexico, leaving scores dead, thousands homeless

Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of Hurricane Eta, which deluged Central America, claimed at least 50 lives and caused widespread flooding and property damage.

Mexican cardinal-designate credited for building up indigenous church

Cardinal-designate Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, 80, was among the 13 churchmen named to the College of Cardinals Oct. 25. Arizmendi's project of building a native church in a mostly indigenous diocese caused conflict with the church hierarchy and land-owning elites, but has found new appreciation since the election of Pope Francis.