Gertrud Mueller Nelson is an author, artist, and speaker. She has written and/or illustrated some dozen books. Most notable is her To Dance with God and her books of clip-art for schools and churches. She is a Montessori teacher, studied art in Europe and psychology at the C.G.Jung Institute in Switzerland. She speaks and writes on liturgy, ritual, family and sacred art.

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There's this thing about Lent

Daily Lenten Reflections: Lent is not just a neat six weeks in the spring of the year that gets you all holy and housecleaned in time for Easter. Lent can also creep up behind you and take you by surprise at any point on the calendar of your life. 


Fasting to feasting: Embracing Lent

Daily Lenten Reflections: Lent has always been a tough subject and season for me to embrace. If we are serious about it and looking for transformation (nothing casual about that!) then it is interesting that cultures everywhere have pulled up its antidote or opposite to precede our serious buckling down to Lent.