The Lord himself has taught us how to pray

Daily Easter Reflections: Perhaps there is no prayer uttered more often by Christians than the Our Father. And there is good reason for this frequency, because Jesus himself taught it to his disciples when they asked him how they were to pray.


Using antiphons in the liturgy

Daily Easter Reflections: The psalms have long been a mainstay of Christian liturgical singing. While these songs of the Hebrew Bible first expressed the relationship of Israel to the God of salvation, Christians have heard in them words of Christ and words about Christ. 


Alleluia is our song

Daily Easter Reflections: One of the most dramatic moments in the celebration of the Easter Vigil occurs just before the proclamation of the Gospel. The Alleluia, silent for more than six weeks, is solemnly intoned three times by the priest or psalmist, each time on a higher pitch, then repeated by all. 

Remembering September 11: Prepare music that expresses lament and mercy

This upcoming Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. In this month's issue of Celebration, we explore preparing music that expresses compassion, anger and remembrance for the Church community. Read more on how to incorporate these elements with impactful lectionary themes into your music this Sunday at