Belleville bishop talks of Catholic church's 'racial divide'

Bishop Edward Braxton, one of the few African American bishops in the Roman Catholic Church, rarely talks to the press. "My thinking is more nuanced than something you put on the 5 o'clock news," said Braxton. "I write as I speak. I have a moving viewpoint from many experiences."

Missouri Synod Lutherans debate use of deacons in ministry

In the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, discord continues within the ranks of his devout followers over the role of Lutheran clergy and the laity.

Catholics react to Bishop Finn's conviction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- At an early morning Mass here at St. Patrick Parish on Friday (Sept. 7), the Fr. Justin Hoye preached about judgment, saying people are incapable of admitting the absolute fullness of their own sins.

He didn't mention Bishop Robert Finn, shepherd of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. On Thursday, a judge in Jackson County found Finn, 59, guilty of one misdemeanor count of failing to report suspected child abuse, including the fact that Finn knew child pornography was on the computer of the Fr. Shawn Ratigan, who used to be pastor of St. Patrick's.