Jocelyn A. Sideco is a retreat leader, spiritual director and innovative minister who specializes in mission-centered ministry. She writes for NCR's Young Voices blog. Visit her online ecumenical ministry, In Good Company, at

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My father is 82 and dedicated to serving the church; here's what the church can do for him now

Young Voices: There is pastoral work that needs to be happening, amid the church closures and scramble for priests learning how to livestream Mass. Our church leaders need to reach out to the oldest parishioners.


Racist culture and purity politics get in the way of raising my child

Young Voices: As a female minister of color whose faith in Jesus leads me to interact boldly with God's creation, why do I still feel a tiny ounce of shame for exposing my daughter to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez?


A Christmas pageant of a different sort

Young Voices: It may sound petty and superficial to talk about beauty pageants when our global society seems to be on the brink of collapse, but I wanted to divert our eyes to a soul-satisfying defiance amidst these cruel times we live in.


We celebrate 'thin places' where meeting occurs

Young Voices: Much happens in the space between. Where I end and you begin. Where day ends and night begins. Where we end and God begins.