Jocelyn A. Sideco is a retreat leader, spiritual director and innovative minister who specializes in mission-centered ministry. She writes for NCR's Young Voices blog. Visit her online ecumenical ministry, In Good Company, at

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Indianapolis school inspires Catholic, Jesuit pride

Young Voices: Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School's act of bravery has captured my mind, heart and imagination.


Praying through Easter with Vanier, Evans and Gates

The lives of Jean Vanier, Rachel Held Evans and Melinda Gates are helping me love others and inviting me into a thoughtfulness that moves into action. 


California officials lead with the 'faith that does justice'

Young Voices: I contemplate deeply what it means to live out what Jesuits call a "faith that does justice." I contemplate two recent key moments in the light of Pope Francis' call and prayer for better leadership. 


The courage of youth might motivate us

Young Voices: With what we know about adolescent brain development, we educators try to create experiences and environments that encourage healthy risk-taking as the prefrontal cortex continues to mature and offer agility to plan, prioritize and control impulses.