Jocelyn A. Sideco is a retreat leader, spiritual director and innovative minister who specializes in mission-centered ministry. She directs the Community Service and Social Justice office at St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco, California. Visit her online ecumenical ministry, In Good Company, at

She writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Jesus and Pope Francis: Contagious peace and joy

Young Voices: Our church is huge. I would like to think that our universal community can take a lot of diversity. We just don't have to prove we are better than one another or more holy than the next holy companion.


To follow Jesus, we must become vulnerable

Young Voices: In her book Daring Greatly, Brene Brown argues that vulnerability is not weakness, but really an experience of love. Jesus embodied that kind of love when he spoke to those who resisted his message. How can we imitate him?

To break versus to break open

Young Voices: Could I recognize a broken heart as an invitation for God's love, compassion and care to enter? Or would I stay stubborn in my own self-pity and close myself off to others?


Life is never normal for those of us who believe

Young Voices: Being a witness to God's presence in the world requires a continual openness to amazement and possibility that, quite frankly, demands real work and presence.