Poet, prophet, portable pastor: remembering Phyllis Tickle

Appreciation: Phyllis Tickle, a best-selling religion author, popular speaker and influential scholar, died at her home Sept. 22.

The day Chiara Favorone moved 'outside the camp'


Sunday marked the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Poor Clares, the second of the Franciscan orders. Eight hundred years ago on that day, the 18-year-old Chiara Favorone, whom we now know as Clare of Assisi, went to church with her family. It was a Sunday, but not just any Sunday.

ëBrighton Rockí remake takes on Greeneís study of evil

From the ominous, opening foghorn, “Brighton Rock” is dark and foreboding. It is supposed to be. Rowan Joffe directs his own script, adapted from the Graham Greene novel of the same name, in this remake of the classic noir crime film.