Jonathan Luxmoore is a freelance writer covering church news from Oxford, England, and Warsaw, Poland, and serving as a staff commentator for Polish Radio. He studied modern history at the University of Oxford and international relations at the London School of Economics and was a co-founder of the Polish chapter of Transparency International, the world's largest anti-corruption nongovernmental organization. His coverage of religious affairs during the transition to democracy in Eastern Europe won five Catholic Press Association awards, and his books include The Vatican and the Red Flag (London/New York, 1999), Rethinking Christendom: Europe's Struggle for Christianity (Leominster, 2005) and a two-volume study of communist-era martyrdom, The God of the Gulag (Gracewing, 2016).

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Dutch bishops: Media report on abuse was old news; safeguards in place

The Dutch bishops' conference said it had worked to prevent further sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, but said a recent report by a leading newspaper was "old news."

Church urges fairer conditions as Bosnia-Herzegovina elections near

The Catholic Church in Bosnia-Herzegovina has urged the country to improve human rights and political representation after upcoming elections, 23 years after the country was divided by a bloody war.

Cameroon's church walks line of neutrality amid attacks, possible civil war

The plight of the West African country of Cameroon, where English-speaking separatists have been fighting French-speaking government forces, is worsening. Church-brokered peace talks there were postponed in August, though Cardinal Christian Tumi of Douala pledged he and his Muslim and Protestant partners would go on seeking a solution as "politically neutral servants of God."

After Rwanda closes churches, bishops urge protection of religious rights

The Rwandan Catholic bishops' conference urged the government of President Paul Kagame to preserve religious rights after government officials closed thousands of churches and mosques.