Colorado bishops 'weaponizing' Communion, Catholic lawmakers say

Catholic lawmakers in Colorado who have been asked by their bishops to voluntarily refrain from Communion say the church leaders are "weaponizing" the Eucharist to punish the legislators for their votes for an abortion rights bill.

Colorado bishops ask lawmakers to refrain from Communion over abortion vote

Catholic bishops from Colorado asked Catholic lawmakers who voted in favor of abortion rights legislation earlier this year to "voluntarily refrain from Holy Communion," according to an open letter signed June 6 and provided to Religion News Service.

Archbishop resigns from Anglican Church of Canada over sexual misconduct

An archbishop in the Anglican Church of Canada has resigned due to "acknowledged sexual misconduct," according to a letter from the denomination's top official.

In 'This Here Flesh,' Cole Arthur Riley finds the sacred in humanity

"It's a rare moment that I will show my face or bring my specific story into those spaces," Riley said. "I think people will be surprised just how much of myself this book contains."