Hans Küng knows church's problems - and that change is inevitable

Viewpoint: Hans Küng provides grounds for the inner courage that is needed to begin efforts that will accelerate that positive change in the Catholic church.

Oberammergau Passion Play 'inter-religiously triumphant'


I saw the Oberammergau Passion Play (first performed in 1634) for the sixth time last August – and it was superb! It was profoundly moving, stunningly professionally performed, esthetically sweeping – and inter-religiously triumphant!

I say the latter not at all lightly, for I have been working closely with the play directors, the town officials, the Archdiocese of Munich (the head of which for several years was my former colleague at the University of Tübingen Catholic Theology faculty, Pope Benedict XVI), the German Bishops’ Conference, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL), and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) – for over thirty years!