Leticia Ochoa Adams lives in Texas with her kids, grandkids and pitbulls. She writes and speaks on grief, faith, suicide loss and motherhood. You can find more on her website LeticiaOAdams.com.

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Book Review

Feeling weary and brokenhearted this Lent? Read this book on suffering

Book review: In O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?, with wisdom, humor and just the right amount of sarcasm, Jesuit Br. Joe Hoover grapples with the question of God's role in the suffering we experience as human beings.


Without God and the church, I wouldn't have survived my son's suicide

Commentary: I do not have to convince God that Anthony is a good boy despite his suicide. I also do not worry that God has damned my son's soul. I believe he can save not just Anthony, but me as well.