Learning everything again -- and other challenges of religious life

Global Sisters Report: The Life panelists relate what they found most difficult about religious life, both when they entered community and — for some — even now. Influences of culture, of charism, of age all play a role. 

The spirit of the ministry: community charisms in action

Global Sisters Report's monthly series, The Life: The sister panelists consider the unique charisms of their particular congregations and discuss how their individual ministries reflect that charism.

'God with us': the blessings of Advent and the joys of Christmas

Global Sisters Report: Liturgy. Togetherness. Soccer. Devotions. Food. Charity. This month, sisters around the world let us peek into their homes and convents to see how they celebrate Advent or Christmas.

The Life: Ministries change, charisms remain vibrant

Global Sisters Report: The panelists discuss the creative ways the ministries of their congregations are evolving and how they are moving to ministries of presence, empowerment and systemic change — yet in all their ministries, they see the persistence of their charism.