The Life: Spirit's light illuminates congregations' distinct 'facets'

The Life: This month illustrates the infinite variations in the organizational relationships one congregation can have with others. We asked panelists: How unique is your congregation? Is it the only one like it in the world, or do you share a charism or a founder with another group of sisters? 

Education is key to spiritual formation of sisters

This month, the panelists gave us an insight into the education of sisters around the world. One thing they all agree upon: Education is the highest priority in terms of preparing their sisters for ministry. However, sisters question the adequacy of education for women religious in different parts of the world. We learned all this as the panel responded to the following questions:

Learning everything again -- and other challenges of religious life

Global Sisters Report: The Life panelists relate what they found most difficult about religious life, both when they entered community and — for some — even now. Influences of culture, of charism, of age all play a role. 

The spirit of the ministry: community charisms in action

Global Sisters Report's monthly series, The Life: The sister panelists consider the unique charisms of their particular congregations and discuss how their individual ministries reflect that charism.