The Life: Ecumenism in experience, sisters share their spiritually enriching encounters

The Life -  Anglicans, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Methodists, Muslims, Sufis, Quakers: The panelists for August responded on a very personal level, sharing their life experiences that led them into an appreciation of other religions and ecumenical experiences. 

Down is the new up: learning the lessons of religious life

Global Sisters Report: In the debut installment of the second year of GSR's feature The Life, our new panelists share what they've learned from work and life as a sister.

A year in The Life: We have interwoven our lives and dreams

Global Sisters Report: Inspiring. Enriching. Nourishing. Creating solidarity. A profound sisterhood. That is how the panelists described their experience of writing for The Life this year.

The Life: Spirit's light illuminates congregations' distinct 'facets'

The Life: This month illustrates the infinite variations in the organizational relationships one congregation can have with others. We asked panelists: How unique is your congregation? Is it the only one like it in the world, or do you share a charism or a founder with another group of sisters?