Program announces first payments to survivors in Philadelphia Archdiocese

A report on the first financial settlements by the Independent Reconciliation and Reparation Program for victims of clergy sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has been made public.

Venerating saint's relics on U.S. tour a chance for renewal, says priest

The major relics of St. Maria Goretti, known as the "patroness of purity," are on a "pilgrimage of mercy" in the United States this fall, for the first U.S. visit. 

Wail of sirens calls priest, religious to train crash site to offer help

The wreck of Amtrak's Northeast Regional Train 188 was two blocks from St. Joan of Arc Convent in Philadelphia.

La Salle University makes history in naming first female president

La Salle University in Philadelphia has made history by choosing a laywoman as its new president.

Colleen N. Hanycz is the first female president in the school's 152-year history and also the first lay president, other than interim presidents. Her appointment was announced Tuesday and she will begin her tenure in July.