Pennsylvania grand jury accuses over 300 priests of abuse, bishops of cover-up

More than 300 Pennsylvania priests were accused of committing sexual assault and their bishops covering up for them in a wide-ranging grand jury report that detailed some of the most damning accusations brought against the Catholic Church.

Grand jury report for Pennsylvania abuse cases ordered released by Aug. 14

After a court challenge from clergy members that has lasted more than a month, the long-awaited grand jury report on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church throughout Pennsylvania is finally slated to be released.

Grand jury report on abuse looms for six Pennsylvania dioceses

What one state representative predicts "will probably be the worst grand jury report" on sexual abuse may revive prospects for legislation targeting the statute of limitations.

Chestnut Hill awaiting mediation in racial discrimination case

The college has said that it did not discriminate against the student who filed a complaint, but it also said that the state's human relations commission had no jurisdiction of Chestnut Hill because the school's religious nature made it distinctly private.