Supreme Court rules against Boston in Christian flag case

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled that Boston violated the free speech rights of a conservative activist when the city refused his request to fly a Christian flag on a flagpole outside City Hall.

Supreme Court takes up religious rights case from Maine

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a challenge from parents in Maine who want to use a state tuition program to send their children to religious schools.

Justices rule Muslim men can sue FBI agents over no-fly list

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Muslim men who were placed on the government’s no-fly list because they refused to serve as FBI informants can seek to hold federal agents financially liable.

Barrett vows fair approach as justice, Democrats skeptical

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett presented her conservative approach to the law Monday at the start of fast-tracked confirmation hearings, while Democrats, powerless to stop her, tried to cast her as a threat to Americans’ health care coverage during the coronavirus pandemic.